We aim for the bullseye

I had an incredible firearm familiarization experience under the gentle and encouraging supervision of Taylor! He’s an exceptionally talented teacher and instructor. His attention to detail is superb. I was aware of my bad habits acquired through previous training experiences elsewhere, but Taylor’s ability to pinpoint the root of the problem and address it immediately fascinated me. I felt truly elated as I saw a great deal of improvement from one target to the next and¬†I can’t wait for my next session. I highly recommend Taylor to anyone looking to learn safe and efficient firearms handling!

Taylor and Joe walked us through the entire process ensuring that we were using the right technique and were getting the most of the experience. We not only did a lot of virtual stimulations but engaged in competition, where we were able to see our progress as shooters. We were able to gain the accuracy and precision in our shots by implementing the techniques carefully.

I had the opportunity to speak with the guys about their simulator and try it out this past weekend while attending an event. I cannot possibly say enough about this! Not only are the gentlemen very personable, but they truly love what they do and it shows. Taylor ran me through a few simulations with the M4 and Glock 17 and both were fun and challenging. The gear is amazing and very responsive. There was no delay, no lag. Every movement was so smooth and fluid. So you have immediate feedback of your shots. The applications of this are endless! New shooters can make use of this and improve their shooting form and function. The ability to tailor it to the person(s) using it. From simple handing and shooting basics, to active shooter situations. This is truly revolutionary! You guys nailed it. Thank you for letting me and my kids give it a go. I will be looking forward to coming out for some more time on the screen!

‚ÄčTaylor is a skilled marksman and great trainer. First timer here and after the lessons on handling, safety and familiarizing with the handguns and rifles, our team got comfortable and had an awesome time. Definitely recommend the experience and will be going back to hone the craft.