Code of Conduct

We’re serious about safety. Our team’s carefully considered how to avoid potentially dangerous situations – please respectfully abide by the Code so we can:


  • ONE

Don’t bring your firearms, liveĀ or otherwise – or your ammunition – to any of our facilities unless we have given you explicit authorization to do so.

  • TWO

Treat all firearms (including simulated firearms) as though they’re real and loaded.


Employ the mechanical safety features as appropriate and keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire.

  • FOUR

Never point any firearm at anything you don’t intend to shoot, and understand your target/what’s behind it.

  • FIVE

Consume no alcohol or illicit substances 24 hours prior to arriving at our facilities, and bring no alcohol or illicit substances to our facilities.

  • SIX

You’ll be on video while on our premises. If you have any issue with this please see our staff.


Verbal and physical abuse or disturbances will not be tolerated, and refunds will not be given to anyone who breaks this Code of Conduct.


Follow staff direction – we reserve the right to remove anyone from our facilitiesĀ at any time for any reason due to patron safety and security.

  • NINE

Discrimination towards patrons or staff will not be tolerated – we’re an inclusive service provider.